(re)discover closing and a final celebration

In 2012, (re)discover theatre began with the simple goal of a reimaged production of Hamlet. Over the past 7 years, the company has found its niche in the Chicago theatre community as the foremost interactive and immersive theatre company, getting people out of their seats and into a story. (re)discover has proudly featured the work of over 290 Chicago theatre artists, producing 21 shows and 8 large scale events.

Over the past year, (re)discover has seen many changes in its leadership team with three artistic directors Janet Howe, Matt Wills, and Ann Kreitman each leaving Chicago to pursue career opportunities. After much careful consideration, (re)discover has decided to close its proverbial doors. From an exploratory immersive Romeo and Juliet in ‘Farewell My Friend,’ to the sexy, empowering choose-your-own-adventure of ‘Fifty Shades of Shakespeare,’ to the queering of the Paris Catacombs with the ‘The Innocents,’ to the unique, sprawling one-on-one adventures of ‘FOR ONE,’ we hope (re)discover will leave a legacy that inspires ambitious immersive theatre for years to come. We are endlessly grateful for all the incredible artists who have worked with us over the years, the audiences who have supported our innovative work, and the Chicago theatre community for providing a welcoming home. You helped us dream up and accomplish impossible feats of art. We feel so lucky to have had these wonderful seven years.

While we are sad that (re)discover will not be bringing any more work to Chicago, we are excited about the legacy we are able to leave behind. Over the past two years, an exciting new group called The Barrens Theatre Co has emerged into the immersive world. Their upcoming show ‘Bloody Bathory’ is a haunting immersive experience, directed by (re)discover ensemble member Molly Donahue. We are thrilled to announce that (re)discover will be gifting all our resources to The Barrens whose work is inline with (re)discover mission to “[embrace] the visceral energy of live performance, and [invite] audiences to be an integral part of the theatrical experience.” We will be celebrating the legacy of (re)discover theatre and the future of The Barrens at a torch-passing event on August 17. We at (re)discover hope to end our work in the way it started: with collaboration, ambition, and a great party. Come celebrate with us!