Farewell My Friend
The Tragic Romance of Star-Crossed Lovers

Created by Janet Howe, Shaina Schrooten, Matt Wills, and the (re)discover ensemble

September 3 - October 1, 2016
Thursdays –Sundays @ 8:00pm + Saturdays @ 4:00pm
At Epworth Church - 5253 N. Kenmore Chicago, IL

“Farewell My Friend: The Tragic Romance of Star-Crossed Lovers” plunges audiences into an immersive world of fated love. As you travel through multiple rooms, your exploration of the paralleled tragedies Romeo & Juliet and Tristan & Iseult begins to unfold. Discover secret plots, become exposed to raw, inner truths, and share an intimate connection with the characters. Using an equal blend of Shakespeare's text and devised movement, Farewell My Friend activates an expansive new perspective on well-known stories that resonate through time and transcend language.
Run time: 1 hour 20 minutes

"an emotional experience that is defined as much by words as by their absence, and a plurality of journeys that makes it worth seeing again and again” – Splash Magazine

"offers an intimacy with the characters that can be found in few other forms of theatre” – Splash Magazine

Matt Wills: Director
Janet Howe: Director
Shaina Schrooten: Co-Creator
Andrew Lund: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Melissa McNamara: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Genevieve Lally: Assistant Director / Movement Designer
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
William Bennett: Fight Director
Kate Black: Production Manager
Jeremy Mendoza: Stage Manager
Francesca Atian: Assistant Stage Manager
Sarai Moore: Assistant Stage Manager
Nicki Mazzocca: Assistant Stage Manager
Camille Smith: Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah D. Espinoza: Sound Designer
Ben Zeman: Associate Sound Designer
Joshua Wentz: Composer
Virginia Swift Varland: Costume Designer
Shannon Melick: Props Designer

Karissa J. Murrell Myers: Iseult
Zachary Schley: Tristan
Laura Brennan: Brangien
Wesley Gaines McNair: King Mark
Tara Bouldrey: Juliet
James Bould: Lord Capulet
Susan Fay: Lady Capulet
Becky Blomgren: Nurse
Ray Rehberg: Tybalt
Lana Whittington: Rosaline
Eric Parmer: Paris
Raj Bond: Romeo
Shariba Rivers: Lady Montague
Julian Stroop: Benvolio
Kelly Schmidt: Mercutio
Paul Hovey: Balthazar
Almanya Narula: Sister Laurence
Nick Bryant: Understudy Romeo and Bathasar
Claire Bauman: Understudy Iseult and Brangien