(re)discover theatre is redefining theatre for emerging audiences by blending a variety of artistic forms, embracing the visceral energy of live performance, and inviting audiences to be an integral part of the theatrical experience.

Core Values

Visceral - (re)discover aims to connect with audience members on a raw gut level. We strive to ignite themes and ideas by tapping into the deeper emotions that connect us universally as humans.

Evolution - (re)discover believes in perpetual forward motion. We challenge tradition from a place of respect with a vision for the future. This manifests itself through cross disciplinary art forms as well as the use of nontraditional spaces, content, and casting.

Collaboration - Since our foundation, (re)discover has worked to bring together diverse voices and ideas to better connect our work with the heartbeat of the community. We believe that collaboration goes beyond the creative process. We invite our audience to actively engage in our work and the world around them.

Opportunity - We believe that art is essential to the growth of the individual and the community. (re)discover theatre exists to create a time and place for audiences to encounter an impactful live theatrical experience. Our work allows a space for artists to express and grow their unique voices. We are equally committed to accessible pricing for our audiences and compensating all our artists.